As food insecurity kicks us in the face

There comes a time when the authorities need to heed a certain call when we need to come together as one. Borrowing some brilliance from the masterminds of the USA for Africa, 1985 concert for Ethiopia, we need to tell our leaders that there may be more people dying soon, and so it is a time to lend a hand to life, the greatest gift of all.

This is a time to tell our leaders at all levels that we can’t go on pretending day-by-day that someone somewhere will soon make a change that they promised us… We need to stress this as the 1985 legends told the world than that, we’re part of God’s big family, and the truth we all know is: love is all we need from our duty bearers now, not oratory, nor sophistry as – food insecurity, the deadliest of all insecurities, is staring us fiercely in the face.

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces and his security and service chiefs have been promising and promising that they will sooner than later end the rampaging insecurity posed by the combined effects of insurgency, banditry, abduction in the country. As we stand on the promises upon promises since 2015, as we continue to smart from the debilitating consequences of even extra-budgetary allocations to secure the country, there is a need to alert the authorities about the implications of the vilest of all insecurities, yes the strain that can make other forms of insecurity pale into insignificance. The name of that monster is food insecurity!