Community Spotlight – Banana Community

Ajegunle is a place that comes to mind when the word slum is talked about in Lagos.  Unknown to the majority there are  three Ajegunle locations in Lagos namely – Ikorodu “Ajegunle”, Apapa “Ajegunle” and Sango toll-gate “Ajegunle”. Even though they are miles apart they inhabit people who share a number of peculiarities including poor living conditions and people do hustle to make a living by all means in the megacity of Lagos.

Banana Community is located in Ajegunle, in Ajeromi/Ifelodun local government area in Lagos State.  The slum is divided in two by a sewage canal full of stagnant water, responsible for the putrid smells that permanently lingers. When it rains, everywhere is flooded and the canal overflows, so it spills some of its content into the houses. It’s a sorry sight and it’s not healthy for the children as they live among putrid smells and piles of rubbish with its major entrance a wooden pedestrian bridge which seems to be a one way in and out in. The Millennium Development Goal (MDG) one focused on eradicating poverty and hunger, yet these issues remain dominant in the slums of Lagos State.  

While life continues of which dairy needs are integral, we hope and wait for better change, we help the children of this community feel like their contemporaries and also give hope for a better future. 

During an outreach Program